Email From a LARC Alum

Email From a LARC Alum

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From: Erik Touve 
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I was enrolled in your game programming class way back in Fall of 96.  I've
written you a few times in the last couple of years to keep in touch with my
career.  I wrote the 2d tank game in DOS.  Wow, it's been a LONG time.

I had been working in Dallas with a software company doing healthcare
software.  I was hired right after I graduated in 1996.  I was extremely
boring work, but it paid very well and helped to support my family.  I had
always toyed with the idea of actually becoming a game programmer, but it
was always too far out of reach.  I knew that if I actually was in the
industry I was looking at 60-80 hour weeks and being away from my family. 
That was my main concern - along with a lower salary as opposed to what I
was making at my current job.

I eventually realized that I hated my job (after my 2nd year - I was
employed for 5).  I was extremely dull and I couldn't go on working at a job
I couldn't care about.  I figured that a pay decrease and doing what I
really WANTED to do was the only thing I direction I could follow where I
wouldn't end up in a sanitarium.  Everyone deserves to work at a place doing
something they enjoy.

Well, I finally decided to do it.  My demo (I had been working on it for 2
years) was to the point where I could submit it.  It was a remake of the
previous DOS game but completely re-written in Windows, uses DDraw, DSound,
and DInput. It actually has a built in level editor to boot.  I spent a lot
of time making it as complete as possible - with a single level.

I submitted it to two companies w/ an emotional cover letter.  I got a call
from a company the next day - from Houston.  I interviewed and was turned

I was so depressed I was going to give up.  About that time I got another
call from a company in Austin - Glass Eye Entertainment.  I interviewed and
am currently employed!

I still can't believe that I'm actually making games.  The differences
between a game and 'normal' job are too many.  The most noteworthy are being
surrounded with people with the same interests and desires, and actually
having FUN.  I've been there for 2 1/2 months and actually enjoy GOING to

Our game should be available in November and is published by MicroSoft.
for the company is if you want to check it out.  I
think they're doing some work on it to get ready for the launch of the game.
The only other URL is is where
you'll find the E3 coverage on the game.

I got a chance to come into this project 
and have become a valuable team member.  I've been working LONG
hours for about 75% of my previous salary, but it's COMPLETELY worth it. 
I've achieved my goal.  Nothing could be better.

I'm happy that you finally have a book out!  I can't wait to get a copy. 
I'm really glad to see this game class survive.  If it hadn't been for it, I
wouldn't be where I am today!  Keep it up - people need this.

Erik Touve

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