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Game Programming Classes

Our game programming classes are designed to give you the three things that game industry professionals need: technical knowledge, experience working in teams using a revision control system, and the ability to work and learn independently.

Screen shots.

Undergraduate Classes

These classes are part of an undergraduate certificate in game programming.

  1. CSCE 4210, Game Programming 1
  2. CSCE 4215, Game Math & Physics
  3. CSCE 4220, Game Programming 2
  4. CSCE 4250, Topics in Game Development

Graduate Classes

These classes are part of a graduate track in game programming.

  1. CSCE 5250, Intro to Game Programming
  2. CSCE 5260, 3D Game Programming
  3. CSCE 5265, Advanced Topics in Game Development
Created February 23, 2009. Last updated September 11, 2014.

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