Game Programming Classes

Our game programming classes are designed to give you the three things that game industry professionals need: technical knowledge, experience working in teams using a revision control system, and the ability to work and learn independently.

CSCE 4210/5250

Game Programming 1


CSCE 4210/5250 is offered in Fall semester. Subjects covered include including rendering, animation, state machines, object management, sound, input, pseudorandom number generators, rule-based AI, timer-based and event-driven programming.

CSCE 4220/5260

Game Programming 2


CSCE 4220/5260 is offered in Spring semester. This class extends Game Programming 1 into the third dimension using the Unreal game engine.

CSCE 4255/5255

Programming Game Math and Physics


CSCE 4255/5255 is offered in Fall semester. Subjects covered include transformation matrices, 3D rotation, discrete physics, rigid and soft body dynamics, collision detection and response, constraints, and joints.


Topics in Game Development


CSCE 4250/5265 is offered in Spring semester. We cover a selection of topics in game development and study articles from the recent academic and technical literature.

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