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Joshua Taylor and Ian Parberry, "Randomness + Structure = Clutter: A Procedural Object Placement Generator Using Petri Nets", Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, pp. 424-427, Vancouver, Canada, October 2011.


Clutter is the random yet structured placement of objects in a room. We describe a procedural clutter generator that achieves believable, varied, and controllable object placement using a hierarchical colored Petri net capable of expressing any computable set of object placement constraints.

Try it Out!

Click on the image below to run a Java implementation of the clutter generator to get a random procedurally generated set of room contents according to the constraints of a Petri net that describes the layout of the furniture (including a table and chairs, and a TV viewing area) and the associated clutter. Input to the clutter generator includes the images and two XML files describing the objects and the Petri net.

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